Sweet Crisp Caramel Char Steak & Rocket tonight


Yesterday DW, my wife, bought some rather fancy steak, we were going to eat it last night, but she wasn’t feeling too good. So I air dried it overnight, salted it and then while DW was putting the sprogs to bed. I heated up a cast iron griddle pan till it was red hot and flip fried the steak.

In order to get a nice sweet crisp caramel char on the outer surface and a moist easy to chew interior, you need high heat, a dry surface to the steak and flip every 10-30 seconds depending on how you want it done.

Served with the nice peppery tang of rocket its just right for The UK’s mothers day or that stupid US Steak and a blowie day (BTW I get a good blowie two to three times a week – so good steak is the pivotal thing for us).