It doesn’t sound like you really know what you’re doing


So another failed interview, I got my wife to sit in and listen to me, what I was saying and how I sounded. After a bit of faffing on her part, you know the politically correct, I don’t want to hurt you feelings umming and ahhing, this is what she said;

It doesn’t sound like you really know what you’re doing

Which is sort of true, I’ve been a stay at home parent for the last 18 months, my technology skills, while still good and up to date are rusty from not having to do and manage. But then I’ve never been good at talking about what I do, I’m good at getting on with it.

So I’m now going to focus on the leadership and managing roles, I always excelled at that as its difficult to pull the wool over my eyes. This current job interview wasn’t interested in the complexities behind integrating and delivering software into a mixed computing environment, more the partitioning of discs, the doing a tracert and what the output is. Not the pain of getting a group of software engineers to consistently commit code, so that the compiler builds the artifacts, so that they can do the QA testing, be pushed into binary repositories, be deployed to machines in a consistent repeatable format, over and over again so that when the business requests a change, or a critical bug has be fixed, the the deployment happens seamlessly, with transparency and the pain of moving this to there and that connection hasn’t been changed and this config change hasn’t happened.

But the fix has been done the new feature has been coded but all that people focus on is that is doesn’t work because that step, you know the one between here and there which was done last time but we forgot it and no-one told any one about it, cos we thought you knew about it already

This job spec wanted someone from a development background who had worked with operations, and it listed all the software I’ve used to build continuous delivery pipelines. Five questions about Linux disc administration, one about IIS app pools, eh! That makes no sense.

I need to re-focus because what I believe the job requirements isn’t what they require.