Becoming a little negative about Job Hunting, the job name is never what they want.

Today is becoming a little negative about job hunting, each role I’ve been for so far is not the actual classic definition of what they want, its a bit like going for a opthalmic surgeons gig to discover they really want an occupational physiotherapist who can do a little eye surgery too.

It pisses me off that employers dick around with job titles, a while back I discovered that a Solution Architect is a pre sales consultant offs, that was annoying, presently the current set of roles I’m going for, the stuff that I do and I’m good at is totally on the edge of what they are looking for, its in the job descriptions roles and responsibilities, yet when you start talking to the person interviewing its all ARP this, AMI that, VPC the other… eh! That’s not development to operations that’s network engineering. Where the fuck in the Wikipedia article I linked to does it go on about IP Multicast Resolution, or real time resolution of IPSec peers.

It’s becoming frustrating and annoying, especially my wife’s former boss is fucking around over her pay, shit he’s a pathetic Safa amateur bully, who behaved inappropriately and now we have to suffer the consequences., no pay equals no rent payment which equals homelessness. Just because a nasty obese 50 year old doesn’t like getting caught out looking up skirts and drunk dialing on Saturdays.


This is what I do:


DevOps for Developers [Kindle Edition]


Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols and Architecture v.1: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture: Principles, Protocols and Architecture Vol 1 (Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol. 1)