More job hunting, two interviews today more to come

So today it was a face to face with a director and a manager, hour and a half of chatting, I was quite talked out by the end of it, nice people, stumbled on some of the tech questioning, the subject matter area is quite a broad church, especially as I’m OS agnostic which is quite difficult for some to take, you’re either M$ or *nix plus you’re expected to be a jack of all trades. I come from a purist development background, so do the build to delivery with software performance optimisations, security, automation, QA and debugging, rather than the network infrastructure administration. Do you want a shit or a haircut ‘cos you can’t have both.

It was a nice firm, rather liked them, but it’s not going to be a fit for them, personality, abilities etc. Oh well. Next interview was don’t an interview it was a written desk test, fine 30 mins of scribbling, time up, off you go, we’ll mark it and get back to you.

Tomorrow its two TelInts I need at 9am the other at 3pm, Friday another TelInt and a face to face Monday. I need to rejig my CV and remove the intern networking stuff as I’m not too strong on that. I have got a load of Kindle books that I need to re-read to refresh my memory regarding the super and sub net masking, and nodes on a network by bitmask /range as for the life of me I couldn’t remember. Then again why should I? I really don’t want to be a wiremonkey.