Hips, curves and bums-a-daisy, an hourglass figure, kneeling and sodomy

I felt the need to use the word sodomy,its not a word I use with DW, my wife, with her I like to say bumlovin’ rather than the”clinical” anal, or evangelical sodomy. I enjoy being a sodomite, not only is it a funny word, its a fun activity. The vast majority of sodomy is heterosexual, yes, that means more men are buggering women than you can imagine and mostly in stable LTR or married relationships.

I do like spending time with my wife’s anus, I do like cock’s, bits and bumholes, I find genitalia in all its variations fascinating, men or women’s, I have no prejudice but I will say men’s I like to view from a distance, well on a screen, women’s I like to get very (very) up close and deeply personal. Which brings me, in a contrived way, back to DW’s bumhole.

We’d nipped up to the bedroom and as we were getting nekkid, I pointed out to DW that we hadn’t done it for a while with her on her knees. I like her on her knees, she’s got a high quality full back tattoo from a known tattoo artist, and a hot hourglass that curves into a rounded peachy bum.

I like to run my hands over her back and bum and really get into the caressing touchy feely stuff. I got cheeky at this point and said to her that I’d love to rim and fiddle with her bumhole. Like most women, she’s not really comfortable with sudden anal play, there are hygiene issues regarding rimming and most people wouldn’t stick their tongue into someone’s bum without them having a cleansing enema. Me, I’m not that bothered, I’m not “two girls and a cup” but its my choice, I can switch my taste buds off (a skill learnt from my mother’s inedible cooking) and if anything comes about because of hygiene, well, there’s the NHS.

After a moment or two of thought DW said yeah OK, but not for long its too tickley when you do that. So, there she was bum up, with me face into her bum crack, tongue circling her rim. Its a lot different to pussy licking, there are a lot more interesting folds to get your tongue into and around with bits. A bumhole is quite a firm and ridged circle and it can take quite a bit of a push to get the tip of my tongue into her arse. So while we were enjoying this I stared to rub my thumb gently up and down that bit of skin that connects bum and bits, perineum, I think its called. There was a bit of wiggling and umming from DW, that generally means she’s enjoying and relaxing.

The thing about anal sex, is that the anus needs to be gently eased into having a cock inside it, a pussy does too but as a rule of thumb (and I’ll get onto that in a moment), double the time on bumhole foreplay its not something you can go for a quicky on, especially if its an infrequent part of your shaglife. So, as she was having a bit of a wiggle, I slipped my thumb into her bum, she went “cheeky” I said “shall we?”, she went ” its been a while, why not? Gently and when I say stop, STOP” (my emphasis, not her shouting).

So I lubed up my cock, got into position and placed my cock head against her ring. This is the point, where the inexperienced get it a bit wrong, it’s slow and pause, slow push and pause, this gives time for her sphincter to open, relax, calm and open again. This is also the part where she, flutters her bumhole, the trick is to think that your stopping a poo and pushing out the poo, bit like doing your Kegles, as I stop pushing she clenches, when she opens and widens, the poo pushing, that’s when I push to go a little deeper. The hardest bit is getting my glans in, that the actual bit DW likes is feeling her bum stretch over my cock head, my favourite is seeing all my cock inside her. DW also likes the pleasure pain aspect but the pleasure had to out weigh the pain. When its my idea to do it we go gentle, so maximising pleasure, when its her ideas to do it then she’s a bit more pain tolerant and I go deeper faster.

I really enjoy seeing her bum stretch over my cock, its such a different feeling, sometimes when I go deep I can feel the hardness of her poop prodding the tip of my cock. I like that, it means to me we are really analy fucking. The anal passage walls feel lovely too, softer and different to the inner pussy feeling, then there is the ripple, clamp stretch of her anus, on my cock. Lastly, there is cuming the lovely squirty jet feeling as my cum fills her ass. Sadly, anal creampies are best left to the paid professionals I don’t mind seeing the yellow brown tinged cum coming out of her, but that is my limit. If I was single I’d love to get jiggy with a professional who does the liquid diet and has several enemas to clean out, then and only then would I go for an anal creampie cleanup, luckily I get to do the clean up on DW’s pussy on a frequent basis.

She didn’t cum from our anal play, but she did enjoy it, which is the important thing, I enjoyed it an came as well.


One thought on “Hips, curves and bums-a-daisy, an hourglass figure, kneeling and sodomy

  1. Autosoma….I blundered into your blog by way of Carmina Kai’s blog; your recent link to bumfucking. I read that post and much, much more. And you don’t know me from Adam – nor Eve – but I want to tell you something: The candor and honesty in your writing is breathtaking. I write for a living (barely a living) but I don’t know if I possess the virtue of truth the way you express it. You are brave. You are flawed. But most of all, you are deeply human. And, for all the other goals we express as means of achievement in our lives, there are none more perfect than that.

    Just wanted to tell you that.

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