The trick to making cheap British bacon halfway decent (aka crispy not soggy)


Anyone who has lived in Britain knows how shit our bacon is, it’s soggy pink stuff that you get from a supermarket that’s been soaked in brine to make it weigh more. Its nothing like Canadian bacon or the crispy Yank maple stuff, you wouldn’t think it comes from the same animal.

There are two tricks to improving your bacon, one is to microwave it before frying, so that all the squelch comes out, the other is to air dry it for a day.

The second trick also works with chicken (you know the slimy sugar solution soaked chicken breasts) and other cuts of meat. Let your steak air dry for a day to get a crispy caramelised outer coating for your blue or rare steak.

Hear is my dish of the day

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Microwave then fry bacon, microwave Brussels, combine, eat, enjoy