The daddy effect at the school gate

Oh for fucks sake, fucking school gate mums, what a bunch of fucks. My eldest has been ostracised at school, none of the girls in her class’s will play with her, or invite her on play dates. Why? Because its a dad who is doing the school run.

My wife’s not working now and she’s doing the school run and the other mums are all over her, ”lets go for icecream”, ”lets have a playdate”… Grrr! Maybe it’s because I’m a bit too family orientated and I love my wife, so I won’t go slipping my cock into any ropey old bint (fuck! they are an ugly bunch at my daughter’s school – I’d have to owe my cock a grudge) or that its because I try my best to support my wife and daughters. But then I’ve seen a few of the dads and if I was gay I’d still be owing my cock a grudge and they are thick as planks, try and have a convo about Kafka, Miro, politics or social injustices and it’s like eating a bread sandwich, white, spongy and no flavour.

So in the space of two days my wife has got into the mum cabal, I’m pissed off, my daughter has had a shit time at school, has been bullied and all because a bloke does the school run.

Fucking cows, that’s an extra +1 to my nascent sexism and misogyny.