My ongoing job hunt

Well since yesterday I’ve now got three confirmed interviews, Twp Wednesday and one Thursday. I’ve taken today off from job hunting as I had parenting class until 2pm ands DVIP class until 8:30, also I have a cold.

My wife’s former boss is fucking her around over her wages, by making excuses not to pay her. Maybe, she needs to point out to the legal department that looking up her skirt and texting/calling late at night and at the weekend is not on. Interestingly, he only started criticising her when she pointed out that he was sending texts to my phone as she’d given him my number by accident when he asked for her personal number (just in case there was a late night problem). You know how it is, I know my wife mobile number better than my own as I call her mores than I call myself.

So maybe soon I’ll have a job and the pressure is off her.