My job hunting desk


Last week DW, my wife, lost her job. We knew her contract was coming to an end and she was pretty meh! about renewing it, so we decided that we were going to switch roles, me back in the workforce, her the SATP. Cool, we have no problems with that, at the time we discussed it she had about 4-6 weeks on her contract. Unfortunately, the Safa Boor Miso who was her boss preempted that for us. Do now I’m hunting for a job.

In the last week, I’ve had 10ish contacts from agencies, one TelInt that was not for either of us, no jobspec, wrong role, arrogant cock of a interviewer. I’ve got a pretty interview tech test this week, so I’m positive about getting a job, whether its the job I want, that’s different.

So this is what my job hunt desk looks like, laptop running a customised #! Desktop, Nexus 7 for quick surfs and my job hunt phone, down on the left is my personal phone (one that DW, school, children contact me on).

I quite like this desk, its made of two trestle chairs so it has shelves and an IKEA wardrobe drawer, quite cool huh!

On the right you can see my M.Arc A4 notepad, my pens, my Laguiole pen knife letter opener and multiport charger.

At this moment its early days, so I’m not that worried, if in a month from now, I’m still sitting at my job hunt desk, then I’ll get tweaky.