Job hunting, end of week one

So now I’m back on the job market, week one has come to an end. I’ve had;
A TelInt for the wrong position, the flag was: Interviewer, so why am I ringing you? Me, because you think my CV makes me a good fit (I hadn’t been sent the job spec).
One confirmed face to face Wednesday with a possible interview with another company the same day, not confirmed.
One TelInt Thursday, to be confirmed.

So in my book that two job interviews sorted in a week, it won’t be until the fourth confirmed company interview will I get an offer, closely followed by serious interest. On average from when I go back on the market it takes four to six weeks to get a job, may not be the job I really want but at $100k it pays the bills. I’m tempted to do my technical manager CV as well, but I’m fed up of herding misanthropic arrogant cats cats that are the cockstars of the IT world.

So let see how the next week plays out.

Also have you noticed that job hunting is a bit like dating, you have to listen to a lot of choss before you find one that makes you want to say yes! Fortunately, I’ve always been a cheap date and easy, never been fussy, easy to get along with and experienced. I love that phrase “you’re so experienced” when I used to date. Women know what it means…


2 thoughts on “Job hunting, end of week one

  1. I’m not fussed about a good fit, my wife needs a bit of a break from managing misogynists and cockstars, before she pushes onwards and upwards in her career.

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