Morning love letter number 5


Another one of my morning love letters, there is a purpose to all this. I realised some time back that s relationship just doesn’t happen, it requires work and effort. If I don’t put that work and effort in then I get little in return, we just coast.

Anyway here’s today’s

When I wake my first thoughts turn to you, even though we share the same bed my minds eye conjours pictures and memories of you.

We lie side by side, you asleep, I feel the warmth e emanating from your body and the soft touch of your skin.

I think about the times we are awake naked and in bed and the visible effect your beauty has on me.

I love you naked, the curves of your body are so beautiful, I want you so much. Every day I wake to the thought of you surrounding me with your inner warmth and a vision of you naked.

I love you, I want you.