Two personal improvement techniques I’m trying; Best day ever & The Week’s Achievements

I’ve been trying a couple of techniques to improve my personal lot in life. The first one is daily, “Best Day Ever” it’s sort of a daily affirmation, I wake up and say internally this is the best day ever, then, once I’m out of bed, I say it out loud. Then while I’m having my morning cuppa, I write down a long hand todo list of how my day will play out. Once I’ve finished my cuppa, then I rewrite it as a standard todo list. It’s a way of embedding it in my subconscious. I’m going to gave to modify it by adding pitfalls and problems, basically how I visualise myself dealing with a problem.


As you can see I use an A5 Filofax

The to do list is wildly general
Get every one up happily
Take girls to school without any grief
Do laundry
Collect girls from school without any grief
Put the girls to bed with a story without fights

Simple stuff, some are static, like the school run, but its good to visualise a nice time. Other things get added in like a reminder to do the damn laundry or clean the kitchen floor.

The next one is weekly, what I have achieved this week, applying for jobs, getting interviews, not bring angry or nasty, being frugal, orgasms with DW, not getting angry about DW’s drinking. Again simple stuff.

Thing is the simple stuff makes for an easier life.