Soaking the bed, it was awesome.

Female ejaculation, what an awful term, squirting, frankly, isn’t a better word. There needs to be a better phrase for girly cum and that one wasn’t much better. My wife, DW, is pretty much a regular orgasm squirter. She had a monster one on Sunday while I was going down on her, it’s quite nice knowing that I’ve made her relax enough to totally let go.

I believe that girl squirt is actually widdle, a woman becomes so into her orgasm that the mechanisms that control the bladder just give up when she’s in the zone. DW said that her orgasm starts in her boobie and moves down her body until its in her bits and her thighs. When she’s having a cum like that is when the squirt happens, afterwards she’s too relaxed to move for a bit (also she’s too tingly for a quick second go).

I have quite a sense of pride over this, it’s my mouth that got her there – rather misogynistic of me as it make it sound like I ‘own’ her orgasm. She owns it I just help with the facilitation, nah! That’s not true we love and desire each other and that really helps with with the deep body rocking cums for both of us.  I was quite amazed by the volumn of squirt (she makes this sweet hissing sound as it comes out), she produced quite a lot and the bed got quite soaked, I find it very sexy when it hits my face while I’m eating her, once I was fortunate enough to get my mouth in place and got to swallow her squirt, tasted a bit like salty limeaid.

She’d never squirted with anyone before we got together, she guesses no one hit the right spot’s. Fortunately she’s cool and proud to be a squirter, years ago before we got together I was dating someone who’d squirt but it was a bit of a difficult thing for her relax into, perception I guess, and she’d tense up and clamp up, I’d feel a bit of a dribble and her pussy clamping on me to stop herself squirting. It’s just a bit sad that she couldn’t relax and let the big cum happen. DW on the other hand first time it happened had a total earth shaker of an orgasm and then noticed she’d flooded the bed, she was seven months pregnant at the time so perhaps some physiological changes had happened.

Anyway, an added benefit is I think her body is totally sexy. We were lying in bed nakkid after she’d given me a sumptuous blowie and I was looking at her sexy body, smooth shaved pudenda, sexy hips, flat tummy (with a not of a squidge after having two kids), curving up to her ribs and then…

This is where it gets weird for many people and it took some time for DW to come to terms with it. She lost a breast due to cancer, so she has one big sexy boobie and one big scar. Its taken three years for her to become comfortable naked but now she’s cool, I’m the lucky one though, she turns one way I’ve got a slim flat chested woman in bed with me, turns another and a 34E cupped woman.

I don’t actually talk to anyone about her post mastectomy body, if a bloke was to say something about her not being a ‘woman’ any longer he’d be on the receiving end of my fists and forehead. For me she’s hot, I look at other women an think that they haven’t a patch on DW. I’m trying to convince her to get oiled up and have some Kashdashian style boudoir photos taken like the ones in Paper magazine.



To get an idea of what DW looks like, imagine the second photo but the left boob replaced by a scar. DW wasn’t happy with me when I said she looks like Kim Ksrdashian naked as she’s not a big fan, I think I was just trying to point out figure similarities. I hope that if Kim Kardashinans lawyers read this (hope they don’t) they don’t consider it a slur or inappropriate use, as I’m just saying that if she looks similar perhaps it would boost my wife’s own body confidence. Women suffer enough self image issues without the effects of cancer fucking them up more.