A Sunday morning love letter

I’ve taken to writing little billet-doux to my wife DW. A little while back I got to thinking about the mess that our marriage had become at times, the mistakes I made, the mistakes she made and the mistakes we made together. I thought long and hard about it and realised that it doesn’t take ”two to tango” once a relationship is underway, it takes one to make it work. If my opinions and behaviours had been different in the past the the small irritations wouldn’t have become big problems.

So now I’ve decided to change things up a little, push my irritants to one side as I’m bigger and better than that. I asked myself a question? Do I want to be known as the grumpy angry partner, making my wife and children’s lives miserable because it has to be my way? I’m not entitled to a relationship, its not given to me on a plate just because I feel I deserve something. So here is number two in the billet-doux that I’m writing to my wife.


Dearest Darling,
As we get older and become more used to each other, we share the same hopes, dreams and fears and often know what the other thinks without asking.
Sometimes we irritate each other, maybe take the other for granted, but once in a while I meditate on it and realise how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman ever.
I love you and every time I put my arms around you I feel that I belong with someone and am home.


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  1. Inspired by Jonny Cash and Ernest Hemingway mostly and an attempt to get back to the roots of why we are together

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