Sharpening a Global knife, putting an edge on it


Back many years ago, when I was single, I had (and still have) a set of Global knives. They are very good and have a lifetime warranty, which doesn’t stand up if your partner tries to leaver open a tin and it snaps the tip.

Now, when I was single I used to enjoy cooking for dates, the third date would be the “let’s cook” date, so I also had a set of Global table ware, but only two sets.

A while back I was looking at the blunt table knifes and thought to myself, if they are made of the same steel, they can have the same edge. So I put a kit together of sharpening plate, edge grinder and steel. It’s taken a lot of grinding, honing, steeling and polishing but I’ve finally got them sharpened. DW, my wife prefers to use them as they are smallish, and don’t have a point. So an all round win.

Some dating advice for the PUA’s, learn to cook and cook well. The fastest way into a woman’s knickers is through her belly, a good meal prepared well, with the right kit and done together is a killer for getting laid. By the time a woman accepts a dinner date at your place or you go around to hers with everything necessary, it’s pretty much a given that your on your way to getting intimate.

Kitchen and dating advice in one go


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