But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? Albert Camus

But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? Albert Camus


Teenage Engineering starts early, or how to get my daughters interested in electronic engineering building an audio lab.

Teenage Engineering OP1 made this (or in latin op1 fecit), so my next project for the girls to get them interested in a world beyond sad little bronies (how that as a trend started is beyond me) is to build them an audio lab. I love the kit from Teenage Engineering and this is now an excuse to buy the OP1. but even better than that are the three new devices Teenage Engineering have created The Pocket Operator.


These are really cool little drum, bass and melody synths that can be daisy chained to a mixer using 3.5 jacks, as the op1 has a 3.5 jack input, I guess they can be used as an input and the ouput jack into a mixer for other instruments. What I like about this is that it’s pretty portable. Throw in a Raspberry pi or a ┬áBanana pi (more ram and a sata interface for storage, less usb) and some other bits and bobs like a BT keyboard and track pad, some external big mAh rechargables and BT speakers and she can jam and mix on the go. The only issues I have to contend with at the moment is interfacing her nexus with the Rpi (or Bpi once I get it) so it acts as a screen for the raspbian distro.






IK Multimedia iRig


Banana Pi

Banana Pi case

Buffalo Ministation Air Ebuyer


Logitech k830 Amazon


Dell AD211 BT Speaker

I think that this would be a fun project for all of us, especially as our 6yo has decided she wants to play the OP1 after listening to Swedish House Mafia


On being a domestic violence perpetrator and living with an alcoholic

I absolutely hate myself for bring a domestic violence perpetrator, when you’re on a DVI programme, you become quite introspective at your own behaviour. I have a choice to be violent, abusive and controlling. It’s tough though, when you think of those things that make you a DV perpetrator.

Some of the things that are coming out of the woodwork aren’t nice and although the is a need to look at the good things about myself, I can’t help but dwell on the nasty and unsavoury.

At this moment in time I’m dwelling on my wife’s alcoholism and my feelings about it. She had a bad drink problem when we met, but I’m pretty sure my abusive, violent behaviour turned into full blown alcoholism. So here I am victim blaming, almost a crystal clear definition of it.

My parents were violent, abusive, vicious alcoholics I grew up surrounded by violence, a lot of it directed at me. As an adult, I swore never to be like that. I’ve only achieved one of the four, great I’m a sober abuser as I don’t drink.

I’m trying al-anon’s detached love as well as the efforts from my DVIP supervisors (who I greatly appreciate). I’ve been successful so far, but I’m really worrying about relapse.

Its tough work tying to change this all, rather than falling back on to abusive behaviours.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison

Taking a Coke bottle topped up with Vodka to your very first AA meeting shows you’re making a step in the right direction

Last night my wife DW attended her very first AA meeting, to prepare for it she went via a corner shop and bought 20cl’s of Vodka and poured it into a coke bottle to “mask” it. It was pretty obvious on her return home that she’d been drinking.

I guess this shows why she needs to attend AA as much as I need to attend DVIP. She has a block with the 12 steps, the bit where you “make amends”, too many people she reckons, she rattled off a list of “sorrys” to people from her past, most of them had nothing to do with alcohol. It was mostly to do with guilt over some trivial thing or a difficult situation she had got herself into.

So, this is the first step, while not saying she’s powerless over alcohol and realising it within herself, she did show that she is powerless, hopefully she can use that and grow with it.

I need to find the right way for her to support her in this, I’m a domestic violence perpetrator so my “support” mechanisms are borderline (or actually) abusive rather than supportive. I’ll try to discuss it at group tonight – see how far I get with that. Groups a bit tedious with going off topic and/or sticking with the syllabus, you know “we’ll talk about that at another meeting.

Finally, I’m trying not to do victim blaming here, I’m pretty much responsible for my wife’s alcoholism I know that my behaviours have driven her to drink, so this is an attempt at objectively seeing my behaviour and the effect it has had. I have to change before she can.

French toast pancake


So this is the sprogs breakfast, blueberries and pancakes dipped in beaten egg French Toast style.

Oh! Wow, aren’t they fancy. Next I’ll put on my lululemon Lycra running tights, and the iPhone armband with tracker and the BT headphones, scrape back my non existent hair into a Croydon facelift ponytail and free run the sprigs to school.

Given I’m a 48 year old fat, bald, stay at home dad, that’s not going to happen