14 things that lower your libido

After being sexually active for 35 years and having done extensive online research by using Google (I didn’t use any of the other search engines) and often being too lazy to read further. I’ve come up with an list of things that significantly lower your libido or your desire to have real actual loving sex with another human being.

1. Reading sex blogs. They are mostly full of shit, plain and simple, wildly inaccurate or fantasy based on no experience.

2 Fifty shades of Gr… It’s so boring, wildly inaccurate, fantasy based on no experience and if your prepared to tolerate sex as bad as the writing, no wonder your libido is down.

3 Believing sex pundits and advice givers.

4. Believing what you see on TV and films

5 Reading any magazine that says x number of ways to improve your sex life

6 Reading any book that claims to improve your as abilities with the opposite sex.

7. Finally the usual stuff, porn, booze, drugs, illness, children, tiredness, work, exercise, age and life in general