Teenage Engineering starts early, or how to get my daughters interested in electronic engineering building an audio lab.

Teenage Engineering OP1 made this (or in latin op1 fecit), so my next project for the girls to get them interested in a world beyond sad little bronies (how that as a trend started is beyond me) is to build them an audio lab. I love the kit from Teenage Engineering and this is now an excuse to buy the OP1. but even better than that are the three new devices Teenage Engineering have created The Pocket Operator.


These are really cool little drum, bass and melody synths that can be daisy chained to a mixer using 3.5 jacks, as the op1 has a 3.5 jack input, I guess they can be used as an input and the ouput jack into a mixer for other instruments. What I like about this is that it’s pretty portable. Throw in a Raspberry pi or a  Banana pi (more ram and a sata interface for storage, less usb) and some other bits and bobs like a BT keyboard and track pad, some external big mAh rechargables and BT speakers and she can jam and mix on the go. The only issues I have to contend with at the moment is interfacing her nexus with the Rpi (or Bpi once I get it) so it acts as a screen for the raspbian distro.






IK Multimedia iRig


Banana Pi

Banana Pi case

Buffalo Ministation Air Ebuyer


Logitech k830 Amazon


Dell AD211 BT Speaker

I think that this would be a fun project for all of us, especially as our 6yo has decided she wants to play the OP1 after listening to Swedish House Mafia