See this bottle, it’s a US airlines approved bottle, food grade plastic. It’s been banned by my children’s school.

I was using it for their packed lunches, do they could have a different type of juice, without giving them a carton that was too much for them and couldn’t be resealed.

Not good enough for the school as it looks far to much like a alcohol miniature bottle. A bottle is a bottle, it’s designed to hold a liquid, that’s all.

How trivial is that, a shallow perception with a knee jerk reaction because someone doesn’t think a little further or asks a question.


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      • To be fair I think it looks like a bottle, just a bottle that a child can drink from! Haha, well in some schools coulored bottles are not allowed because they try to discourage fizzy drinks and so they can see whats inside so this would actually be the mroe sensible option in my eyes.

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