Pornhubs year in review, the search terms make for an interesting read

Pornhub insights


So this is the increase in porn searches in 2014 on Pornhub. So if I wanted the catch all dirtiest thing I’d want is a:

Teenage lesbian milf step-mom, who likes to massage and squirts and is a teacher, she’ll be into threesomes, enjoys anal with her step-sister and ebony babysitter while we watch a Japanese gangbang and an Indian Asian cream-pie.

Phew, what a list, I wonder if I could find someone if I craigslisted it or put it into one of the dating sites? More to the point, would I be actually attracted to her and what she looks like and the way she thinks. My internal visualisation isn’t quite like the women in the pornhub clips if you put that ideal into the search on pornhub itself.

Anyway, I love my wife far too much to want to Craigslist the criteria above. She’s gorgeous, eleven years younger than me and incredibly unique, she’s also pretty open-minded and very good in the sack (well she’d have to be to keep up with me – I’m hugely good lol). Then again she has four (once five, she used to be a teacher) of the items on the list, but I’ll leave you to guess which.