Very sexy looking but you wouldn’t wear it for long


The Bracli G.

It’s a lovely look and my it’s very sexy, I’d certainly enjoy seeing my wife in one, it would show off her peachy bum very nicely. Looking at it though raises some questions such as the amount of time it can be worn before it causes issues. Say for example, myself and DW go on a date night and this is part of her ensemble we spend a few hours out eating drinking and having before returning home for the fun.

Now bits are delicate things and can’t take much chaffing and several hours of friction would cause major issues. The alternative would be to get changed after the evening out, that requires a degree of planning and spontaneity would be off the menu. Also I do like to admire her body as she takes her clothes off and enjoy taking my time over it and asking her to wiggle about as she disrobes.

Another issue would be being careful with them, the word delicates does spring to mind and it would probably be very easy to shred them to pieces whilst tearing them off during the height of passion (I’ve done that with a number of her more saucy expensive knickers). Maybe tonight I’ll suggest we try her pearl rope during foreplay, see how she feels about it.

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