I hate the word d—–bag

Think about it, what is the perpose of douching? I don’t think, in this case, it’s from the French to shower. It’s a disgraceful concept as a swearword and it’s actually a ver nasty cynical put down.

Yet men and women use it freely, withput thought. Lets think about it further, the word cunt for example comes from a Saxon root to describe a part of the body, much in the same way vagina comes from a Latin root. A douchebag is an item used mostly by women to wash the interior of their vagina, in some situations the anus and in even fewer the male anus, thus the implication is, is that you are dirty and unclean. It surprises me that some people will used douchebag freely, yet have histrionics over the C.word.

Somehow one has become acceptible the other not. I had to explain to my eldest daughter that it was not a good word to use.