The boys got problems love, so accept it and deal with it.

So I got talking to the mum, who’s boy is being a bit rough with my daughter, actually border line abusive behaviour, but hey, this is the playground. Yeh! well the world is one big playground and this is why its in so much shit.

As I detailed in an earlier post about abuse starting in the playground, my realisation is that it goes further. The mum started blaming my daughter for her boys behaviour: she starts it, she said.

Hmm! Yeh! that is maybe, but…

She’s wrecked his coat.

Really, how?

She rubs his head, hats why he bangs her head against a tree.

Are you sure that’s reasonable behaviour?

My son’s an idiot but your daughter makes him do…

I stopped the conversation at that point, I’d heard enough. Ok love, I know you’re defending your boy, but let’s just think about the statements you’ve made in a wider context.

My daughter has psoraitic arthritis, she can barely hold a pencil for extended periods, the TA’s and teachers have to help her write, she’s been issued a laptop to type in class because of how the pain affects her hands.

The Occupational Therapist from Great Ormond Street hospital has pointed out her limitations (she’s brilliant btw and a loss to GOSH when she moves to Dubai). So how is an arthritic 8yo girl managing to do the things she’s being accused of by the mum, she’s not very good at tearing off sheets of toilet paper let alone shredding a coat.

I hated school as a kid, it was a cesspit of patronage, bullying, self indulgence and arrogance. I glad to see that nothing has changed in 40 years and that my opinion then is just as valid now.

I’m just gonna behave like a disney dad to the other parents from now on, the important bit is liaising with the teachers and stopping this shit early.