Who invented the “bites lower lip”

Its not sexy, it a pseudo sexual equivalent of fingernail biting a a learnt nervous affliction that serves no purpose other than to yourself. Few people notice.

Slightly worse are the naive people who think its sexy to bite the lower lip of the person they are snogging. I read one account of the male drawing blood and a bit of a bad injury to the woman he was snogging, probably because he was too dim to work out that an uncalled for hard bite is not a precursor to ordinary sexual interaction. Doh!

It amazes me that most people just do not know the basics of kissing or snogging. Admittedly its way over ten years since I snogged someone other than my wife, but people its more than ramming your tongue and squirming it around someone’s mouth, like your trying to get a bit of stuck food from between your teeth or biting a chunk out of someone’s lip.

This isn’t a masterclass on kissing or snogging because if your too stupid to analyse your own technique and project what the other may find good and acceptable then your never going to get it. At the end of the day know what you like and do exactly that to your partner. Think about this would you like a big chunk bitten from your lip? If you don’t then don’t do it to others.

Also the “eye fucking” and lip biting to a stranger makes you look like you have a neurological affliction rather than you’re hawt. I was watching this young woman trying to “body language flirt” with a young man on the tube, he didn’t notice or was avoiding noticing, but as I looked around the carriage I wasn’t the only one looking at this girl thinking that she had some form of nervous affliction.

I just hope that my daughters will grow up to be confident in their approach to someone they find attractive and not buy into any thing as stupid as this.