The positives and negatives of my alcoholism

I’ve reblogged this as I have a person in my life who has virtually identical positives and negatives.

Hazy Lines


  • Helped me sleep/pass-out at night – this was almost every night
  • Helped me temporarily forget how screwed up my life is (screwed up because of my alcoholism)
  • Made me temporarily “happy” while I was drunk


  • Encouraged me to attempt suicide 3 times – I almost succeeded the last time (200 sleeping pills and 750ml of whisky – landed up in ICU where they pumped out my stomach)
  • Turned me into a surly, abusive person who terrorized his family – they walk on eggshells around me, afraid of my mood swings
  • Made my elder son afraid of me and swear that he will never touch alcohol in his life
  • Fueled my resentment towards my mother (long story which involved the divorce/death of my father and death of my elder brother) into an irrational hatred and led to vicious fights, which has led to us not speaking for several months…

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