Kindle unlimited: A tale of two readers.

My wife and I share a kindle account. We use our joint account debit card for the purchases and as such we have one Amazon account for the purchases, it’s not a satisfactory setup. It stems from the first kindle device we bought, well I bought.

My wife is a second hand adopter. I adopt early, if my wife sees it as “good” she’s buy into it. Early in the life of the kindle store, barely any books I read were available. You see me and my wife have totally different reading tastes. Sadly, Amazon and kindle give you know way to separate and categories your books once they are on your device.

Often I look at the carousel and see ten to fifteen chicklit, supernatural erotica and modern romance before my own books, post colonial African history, energy economics and computer science. I read one novel a year.

So when we adopted early, I rapidly stopped using Kindle with any degree of frequency until a a couple of years ago.

Now with Kindle unlimited, it suits my wife as she can read numerous books for £8.99 and return them reducing the clutter in my kindle account. Me on the other hand, the books I like, modern history, post colonialism, programming, networking and business just aren’t there, OK, some are but the better quality ones aren’t.

Maybe Amazon will negotiate further but at this moment, unlimited is good for her but not for him