I don’t know what I want but I want it NOW

Right here, right now DW my wife put on a suspender girdle and underbust corset for the first time since her mastectomy tonight, she looked fabulous. We got pretty jiggy, off came her thong, off came the girdle, I struggled a little with the steel clasps on the front of the corset but then it’s not something I’m doing often so a bit of latitude please. I then did something a bit stupid, I sunk my teeth into her very expensive prosthesis.

I hope I haven’t damaged it, well actually I do, I hope I haven’t rendered it completely useless, but I noticed DW remaining booby is bigger than the prosthesis, definitely bigger, it would give me an excuse to badger her into getting a new one. Except she pointed out she is at the maximum cup size. Sod, bugger, this is the UK after all and we do little for people outside of the norms of society, I guess someone somewhere makes custom ones, but that will cost an arm and a leg… sorry poor taste joke there. I’d happily give up one of my balls (I have one earmarked for such an occurrence – the left one it hurts too much now-a-days).

I think I may have to get a vasectomy net, to support my sad old balls while we are shagging. I’m sort of caught between a cock and a hard place as I’m getting older and things are saggy/flabby it’s becoming harder and harder to give my wife a vigorous fucking, I can feel my dangly old bollocks flapping and slapping all over the place. It’s not a bad thing, DW likes it when she can feel my slapping against her bits, I gather some women like that quite a bit downside my balls feel a bit battered.

We had a good old bang, on top and in missionary, I had enough energy and spunk to give her a double tap (when you stay hard after the first cum and spin up for a second) she enjoys a good flooding.

I’m very happy that after three years of post mastectomy life, she got back into her burlesque kit and looked and felt sexy. I’m gonna be straight here, she did it for herself, she’s one of those people who if they are not happy with something just won’t do it. She put the kit on because she wanted too, I took it off her cos she wanted me to.

I know our post breast cancer sex life is probably at odds with a lot of post cancer women’s experiences. Actually as I wrote that, I found myself thinking and hoping that, that wasn’t the case and that I’m being too arrogant. My vision of my wife and our sex life is no different pre or post cancer and I think that’s the way it should be. She has told me that out of her survivors group we’re the only couple actively engaging in sex. I find that quite sad, I know that breast cancer really fucks with people’s heads, but if you loved and shagged someone before, surely those feelings remain post-surgury. Amputating a breast doesn’t amputate emotions from the brain, that you had before. Well! that’s my opinion and experience. If any woman is having issues with their male partners behaviour and reaction post mastectomy, I’m more than happy to explain to him that things haven’t changed that much.

I’ll stop talking about that as it’s not my area of expertise and I’m not the woman who lost part of her body and an intrinsic one to defining womanliness (is that word still used?). Anyway we had a good vigorous fuck, sadly DW didn’t cum this time, I know its a bit excessive hoping you partner orgasms every time during sex, but I do like it when it happens for her. I am going to be an ungrateful sod now, I didn’t get to go down on her fully, she hasn’t been in the space for a few weeks to relax into a good oral orgasm, I had a good lick and suck as foreplay but not a specific I’m going down for the full fun thing. I’m too greedy.

Anyway, I should could count my chickens we have a good solid vigorous sex life and other than trebling it and getting some kind of pneumatic bollock support holder I should consider myself lucky.

While I was writing this, I suddenly remembered something my wife told me while she was undergoing chemo, I couldn’t accompany her as we couldn’t get childcare for that treatment. DW was accompanied by a friend of hers Gemma who was engaged at the time and Gems was asking DW if srx gets better after marriage as her fiance was, as she put it, a bit shit and selfish in bed, DW did say it does get sort of better but only insomuch that your now married and your headspace changes – DW did say that she’d only said that so as not to put the cat amongst the pigeons and put Gems off her fiance as he did sound really quit shit in bed.