Androids Androids swimming in the ocean causing a comotion


I’m a smidge tired today, and not in the best of moods. My youngest is scoffing mango, the two of them are making youtube videos of mango reviews.

One of the hardest things you learn as a manager is delegation failure, you delegate a chunk of work to a team member who then doesn’t do it. You have to then do a lot of stuff to recover from that failure.

I’m a control freak, I want to be appraised every step of the way so I know how work is progressing, and gauge completion. In the work place you have a few censures, but at home what do you have.

My wife is fucking awful at managing anything to do with the home. We should never of had a family, I’m a crap dad, I’m angry. We have too many problems which we biff off as mumsnet normal. I need her check things like her bank account, deal with debts and managed her pay cycle. Three simple things, actually two as I’ve got access to her bank account using online banking so I can manage payments for her and make sure she doesn’t get over drawn. Insane, it’s something she could do herself in the morning rather than reading the daily mail or mumsnet aibu.

The debt problem is a phone call, the pay cycle is a phone call. Does she stick a reminder on her phone no no she fucking doesn’t. I still have no idea what will happen tomorrow? Will she get paid? We have only the rent at the moment, I could rob peter to pay paul, then we fall behind on the rent, that then gets us fucked up even more.

I’m really shit with money, I have no ides how to change myself so that I can improve, so how can I expect the same of her