Playground immaturity, one simple step to becoming an angry dad

I watched exactly this kind of behaviour yesterday, the latter half, inappropriate grabbing and lack of respect and boundaries. An eight year old idiot of a boy was behaving just like this to my eight year old daughter. I asked him nicely to leave my daughter alone and he went off in a right old tantrum of a sulk. I don’t like the kid his parents are divorced twats. He’s a flakey, pseudo metal, pretend biker manboy. She’s an angry, bitter hippy goth into warhammer fantasy and fairy bullshit with a new younger man and a size queen. For fuck sake no wonder their son is a nascent misogynistic fuck up at the age of eight, he already suffers from entitlement because of his parents playing him off one against the other.

So I tell my daughter she can’t play with him any longer as his bad behaviour is giving her bad behaviour, total fucking meltdown, mean horrible daddy, not fair big fuck off sulks. The little arsehole pays her attention, so this is the start of how being abused in later life starts.


I fucking hate being a parent, I fucking hate school, I really fucking hate other parents, teachers and all the other ancillary arseholes who come into my orbit on a daily basis and are low grade fuckwits. I’m having a fucking hard uphill struggle trying to teach my children boundaries, respect for each other and how to be a decent 21st century human being and no other fucker is helping.