Big bill week arrgh!

This week its a set of bills to pay, weekly monthly, quarterly and annual all in one hit,

Rent £290 weekly
tv license £145 annual.
Sky £110 monthly.
Water £135 quarterly.
Energy £395 quarterly.
Council tax £202 monthly.
travel Dw £36. Weekly
travel me £25. Weekly
Debt£50 weekly

Equals £1278

That’s all of DW weekly pay plus expenses in one fell swoop, bang cash gone (except for the bit I’ve squirreled).

And this is for a modest ordinary London lifestyle. Nothing outrageous their, just the basics.

Frankly, I don’t want to pay it, most of the above goes either to the Government in tax or to companies that make huge profits for shareholders. Really, it’s not on, the utility companies will still make tasty amounts for their stock holders, the Government notional austerity is a bit of a piss take as taxes keep on rising. Every month DW has to part with over £6000 to the government every month, maybe if Waltham Forest cut back on the translator bills (it supports 36 languages) and stuck to English (a rather popular global language) they wouldn’t spend so much. Perhaps we should adopt the American dream for immigration, make money and be part of something, rather than the English dream, take money and not be involved.

As I get older, I dislike immigration more and more and more, even though my family are post war Franco-Russian immigrants themselves, but I’m third gen London integration. The only Franco-Russian stuff I hold on to it a bit of language, a taste for bortzch and garlic and that’s it.

I won’t talk about my inner racist demons because I’m ashamed I feel that way. I grew up thinking that Blue Minks Melting Pot was the best thing ever, but the more immigrants into London and their lack of integration pisses me off. If I went to Lahore, Mumbai, Lvov, Kalinigrad or Lagos I’d forced in the native way (that is if I wasn’t going as a wealthy expat), not in London though our post-colonial guilt makes us bend over backwards to allow the sods to game our system.

Grrdd!!@ angry racist rant, I’m off now to give myself a politically correct scourging.