I need to smile more

Damn I look like grumpy cat near a bad smell. I got myself a couple of new pairs of glasses. Of course as soon as you put new glasses on, vanity kicks in and you start analysing yourself in the mirror. I quickly realised I look like a cross between John Wagners Judge Dread and grumpy cat. I will stress that this is more like the 2000AD comic Judge Dread or the Karl Urban interpretation (Stallone was a travesty in the first film… he took Dreads helmet off, just so he could show his mug… grrrr).

So I need to smile more, just a little upturn at the corners of my mouth, now that I’ve got my teeth fixed and the skanky broken one at the front has been capped, there is no excuse now.

So how to smile more, think of a happy place, mine is in a tree bough on top of a cliff overlooking a sun lit azure sea not long before sunset. 

Or think of a story that makes you happy, I have a depression novel, It’s very short and hard to obtain now, A year near Proxima Centuri. It’s a piss take of a year in Provence and totally hilarious.

So think happy and you can start to change your physical appearance. Lets try. At this moment trying to keep a bit of a smile on my face seems to be giving me a bit of a tension headache just above my left eye, obviously the muscles need a bit of practice.


One thought on “I need to smile more

  1. Oh my dear…YES, smile more! Makes life a bit more fun, you become more approachable(maybe make new friends or the very least, meet some unique)….plus makes your face look prettier :).

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