About Monopoly (the game)

Monopoly, is actually a great learning tool. Yesteday, DD1 and I played it, but we did the hard version. Starting with no money and only collecting our “salary” once we passed go.

Before the first round ended we were both in debt, because of the chance cards. DD1 got a school fees bill (I found that rather ironic), and I got a tax bill (also ironic).

It gave me an opportunity to explain why pay is in arrears, the complication of debt, why she only got £50 rather than the £200 when she passed go.

We didn’t have any dice so we used coins in cup. One of us would shake the cup when it was our turn and which ever coins landed heads up, would be added together for the number of moves. So she got to practice addition. We used a 5p, 2p and 1p coins, so the maximum would be 8 moves on the board.

If you got 8 you had a second turn, three 8 in a row and you went to jail. If you got all tails you’d miss a turn.

We also had to wikipedia the road or street that we landed on and read it out, so that was a touch of literacy for her as well as the history and geography of London.

All in all, I think it was a successful use of Monopoly. It took so long (because there was a rule that you had to save £1000 before you could start buying), that we never got around to starting to buy.

So there is an opportunity, for housing economics, the purpose and use of saving and debt and bankruptcy. All in all a good learning tool.

Next, I may have to introduce her to Risk, to learn macro politics. As an aside, when I was a kid, my grandmother used to play a card game with me called “Bulls and Bears”, it was about the stock market, I wonder if I can find a copy.