Modern Family and the New Normal

I miss the New Normal, it was a bloody good show, it’s a shame it wasn’t renewed. I love Modern Family, dysfunctional in a good way. No anger, no bitterness and cool in a good way.

I like metrosexuality, it’s a good perspective. But then again I’m a totally hetro male. I’ve just had a wonderful blowie from DW. She knows how to find and it the right spots.

When we first got together, blowies weren’t really on her agenda. The first time she sucked me she nearly choked herself trying to deepthroat. But now she’s into the nice slow “I like what I’m doing” style of blowie.

Just so that people don’t think I’m selfish, I love going down on her. She tastes good, she feels good and g-d does she cum well. She shakes, she squirts she enjoys it. The first time I went down on her she was surprised and shocked, no kan had done that to her.

To this day I can remember looking at the bits as she sat on her sofa, there was this wonderful blond curl of hair just over her cilt. I suck, lick and spent a long time enjoying her pussy and she orgasmed. First time a man went down on her, first time she came.

I like that memory.


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