Bad number reportage The Telegraph – Have sex with 21 women decrease prostate cancer by 19%

What a shit bit of reporting. The Canadians ain’t showing themselves to be that bright either.

Fuck 21 birds and you decrease prostate cancer by 19%, but fuck blokes and there’s no change. So extending that logic I have 47 times less chance of getting prostate cancer, or negative 893% likelihood of my arse falling out of my pants, due to the volume of emotionally devoid casual sex, prior to meeting my wife and changing my emotional vacuum.

My own personal study of a sample size of 1 shows that breast cancer is highly likely in women who marry me, as I’ve only been married the once therefore that logic is correct as my sample population 100% was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Fucking newspapers and spurious maths. All this does is pander to the less able to think and prove their own nascent ideas.

I used to read the Telegraph now no longer.