Why it’s brilliant not being circumcised

Circumcision, to cut around, like circumference. Frankly, I think it’s an extraordinarily weird practice,

I was fortunate that in post war Europe and where my grandparents settled, there was no Jewish community that I never had a bris. Which is actually pretty darn good as far as I’m concerned as in the eyes of many, I don’t have a religion which makes me happily an atheist.

The thing is is that I would never want to be with out it, it’s a lovely, fun bit of the body. The tip of the foreskin is technically known as the rigid band and it’s stuffed with sensitive nerve endings. So for a man like me who adores having his cock sucked there is no way I’m giving up on nerve endings in my genitalia. The foreskin gives other benefits too, it protects the glans (the bellend) and keeps it sensitive too. So every time my wife pops her mouth on my cock, gives it a kiss or flicks her tongue over it, the nerve endings fire and takes me to a very happy place indeed.

There are also other things you can do with it, the other night DW (my wife) and I were playing silly buggers, she’d said or done something a bit silly so I said I was going to “punish” her, by giving her a smack around the face with my soft cock. She laughed said all right then and jutted her face forwards. Rather than giving her a facial truncheoning, I  flicked my foreskin under her nose tickling her and making her laugh (she followed that up by grabbing my cock with both hands and kissing it).

Before me she was one of those women who had only had uncut, and I came as a surprise to her. At first she was a bit unsure what to do, roll it back, keep it forwards, pull it back and forth. She now likes to play with it in lots of different ways. When she want’s to give a standard blowie like you see in pornos she pulls the skin all the way back. When she’s in a more lighthearted mood she likes to play with the til making it talk like a puppet of some sort.

Then there’s the wonderful back and forth blowies, where she uses her hand and mouth in unison. Its a wonderful sensation, feeling my skin go back and forth over the ridge with the warmth and moistness, OMG it’s mind blowing.

She’s got a mate from SF who’s coming over to work in London and she’s only ever sucked uncut, I’m trying to convince DW to give her lessons in how to enjoy a foreskin (using mine as the teaching aid – naturally. Went down like a lead balloon), that would be so cool, a 37 year old and a 27 year old kneeling and sucking me at the same time. That will never happen eh! Hell will freeze over before and I’m not even religious.

I do enjoy having a foreskin, and I’m going to reject all the tossy religious and cleanliness arguments right now. The cleanliness one for a starter, irrespective of cut or uncut if a fella ain’t washing his cock, it ain’t gonna get sucked foreskin or not.

Here are some do’s, don’t’s and only do if you are an experienced foreskin owner.

Do: As you feel the cock starting to ejaculate, pull the foreskin forwards and clamp the skin together, this catches the cum in the foreskin. For cum affictionadoes, you now have a little puddle of cum to play with. Pro tip, circle the rigid band with cummy fingers – nice.

Don’t: try to blow it up like a balloon, highly dangerous and a potential trip to ER or grave.

Do: get your tongue up on the inside or finger when it’s forward, if using a finger either lube or cum from the first do tip.

Don’t try to yank it back it can and will rip.

Do try placing a marble or two under your foreskin and then entering your partner. Careful, slow sex and I mean careful can find the under foreskin object stimulation. Caution: anything to vigorous or too tight can cause the marble to come free, you then have to spent a while rummaging trying to locate it, partner often not pleased by this.

Note, in some circumstances over arousal can cause a foreskin to act like a tourniquet to the glans, whilst this may look good to your partner (it makes the glans look a lot larger and shinier than it is) prolonged erection can become painful.

Finally, do have lots of fun with it and don’t get rid of it unless under serious advisement from a Medical Doctor, Consultant or Surgeon.

This is DW’s interpretation of what it looks like, odd I know.