The Question Book Rituals and Routines


I bought this book, what I intend to do is take each chapter and answer the questions, it’s an interesting though experiment and it will give me an opportunity to be more open and honest about myself and my reality.

When do I go to bed
11pm-ish when I’m notnsuffering from raging insomnia

When do I get up
about 5:30 to 6:30 am

What is my favourite time of day
6 to 8 am

What is my favourite sleeping position

curled up on my side

Do I have any funny habits
loads of them… where the hell do I start. Things have to be symmetrical, I constantly follow drills when out and about, loads

What do I normally do when I am pondering a difficult decision

 What do I wear when I want to look attractive
Formal shirt, cuff links, chinos, brogues or white linen pants, cashmere v-neck, birkenstocks

Describe a perfect evening
Good food, enjoyable music, sexy fun sex

A favourite ritual from my childhood
can’t remember

Is there a ritual I want to start
many, mostly involving being organised

Other peoples rituals I find ridiculous