The Question Book Right now


I bought this book yesterday, what I intend to do is take each chapter and answer the questions, it’s an interesting though experiment and it will give me an opportunity to be more open and honest about myself and my reality.

Where am I right now.
Sitting on the sofa, reading “King of Oil the secret lives of Marc Rich”

Three things I can reach with out getting up.
My phones, tv remote, coffee

Two things I did today.
Planned some blogging, washed dishes (between 5:30am and 8:00am)

Two people you’ve been thinking about a lot lately.
My wife, no one else really

A word that;

Describes my health.

Describes my financial situation.

Describes my work.

Describes my sex life.

Describes my relationship.

Describes my life.

A magazine I read regularly.
Combat and Survival
My favourite pair of shoes.
North Face boots
My aftershave.
My Sport.
My favourite toy.

As a child.Can’t remember

Now.Nexus 7

Which languages do I speak.



Which languages would I like to learn.
Ivrut, Arabic, yiddish, Farsi
How often do I drink alcohol during the week.
not much
When do I avoid alcohol.
When dealing with children and important stuff
Three meals I cook all the time.
Bolagnese sauce.
Chollent (brisket and barley stew)
Roast Lamb
A meal that I’m good at cooking.
Chollent (just like in the bedroom I’m excellent in the kitchen, soufflés don’t phase me at all – as long as I pay attention)
A meal I would like to cook but haven’t.
How much do I spend on food weekly.


Eating out.£40

A TV programme I watch regularly.
presently, The Tryant.

My nickname.
Who uses it
My wife