Why hire me?

I wrote my first piece of software at the age of 13 – 35 years ago, a multicoloured basket weave animation similar to the old skool satori screen saver on an Apple II. So back then I was cutting edge and still am.

Look beyond the age and think of the experience – I’ve worked with the R&D team who developed VOIP/SIP in the eighties and early nineties, the same team who developed data over power lines.

Since then I’ve developed applications for BBC & BSkyB, digital media agencies and Global Financial Institutions. My latest accomplishments have been developing full stack continuous delivery pipelines and the development of an ESB micro service development using several different programming languages, AWS and Azure cloud services with virtual machines and containers.

I love the cutting edge technologies but my experience over the years has taught me to adopt early and deploy when ready.

I have three core skills, development, operations and management. Starting with the last I’ve lead an managed teams using both old and new methodologies, I was an early adopter of the Agile Manifesto shortly after it was announced and to this day still has the first editions of Ken Schwaber and Kent Becks books – prised possessions.

The teams I have managed and lead have often been cross functional with business, infrastructure and  software development members – there is little that I have not  experienced and solved, I thrive on those challenges.

From an operations perspective I’ve physically managed every aspect of networking and more over am very, very strong on security ensuring that the firewalls, load-balancers, bastions, proxies, packet sniffers and loggers are working together to ensure a strong environment, cybersecurity is a priority to me.

Development, I’ve been writing software for 35 years and an early adopter of the old new thing. My core languages at this moment are;  C#, Java, Node/JavaScript and erlang. I feel that this is the best spread of languages for all modern developments. Although, I’ve been programming for a long time, 35 years I would prefer not to programme in old stuff Visual Basic or assembler, which I can still do much to my surprise as I discovered a year ago.

I like developing challenging high availability scalable applications and I know full well in this day and age that the full stack is made up of many different software solutions from many vendors in many languages. So I feel that my current preferred languages and environments target most situations.

I’ve been working with a host of TLA’s for quite some time TDD, BDD, OOP, CI/CD and consider it part and parcel of everyday software development as well as the source control, build servers, and all the operational elements that goes with supporting the business and the development.

All in all, if you’ve found this interesting and would like to interview me, I’m more than happy to send you my resume or if you just want to chat about times gone by and what it was like to cut the code on an Apple II, but seriously, I have experience and skills, I’ll take risks when absolutely necessary but will be solid and dependable when needed the most.



I’ve not been working for a few months to be a stay at home parent. I am about to re enter the job market and fully conversant with how to do a resume and handle recruitment agents and interviews, there is a job faire where there is going to be 150 companies with around 2+ vacancies looking for new hires. So I’ve though about being a bit novel, rather than handing over CV, badgering someone who has been their all day or hovering. Instead I’m making a marketing pack for myself, a business card, gatefold DL flyer and a 2015 desk calendar and hand them out and see what comes back.

It’s the personal brand, personal marketing concept. The body copy for the flyer which is, in part a light hearted pointer to my Cover Letter and Resume.