The Question Book – Last Year


I bought this book, what I intend to do is take each chapter and answer the questions, it’s an interesting though experiment and it will give me an opportunity to be more open and honest about myself and my reality.

Book of the year.
A novel I couldn’t put down was Mark Russinovich’s Rogue Code, a novel about High Frequency Trading and the weakness of Financial Instructions network and computing security . I’ve worked for the institutions he describes in the novel and they resonate with me. My only negativity is the book pains a better picture than the reality of just how bad it all is.

Song of the year.
LaLaLa by Naughty boy, not so much the song as if you read the lyrics it’s about whining at his girlfriend (something I do to DW often), the video is quite poignant about abusive behaviour.

A film I saw in the last twelve months.
None actually spring to mind.

Item of clothing.
A pair of North Face boots

The best sex.
Difficult, what is good and what is best. I enjoy frequent sex with my wife, we orgasm a lot, so this one is difficult to answer. I’d say we have the best sex weekly.

The most important person
That would have to be three people, wife and two children. Their wellbeing is pretty important to me. Ensuring that everyone is ok and not in any form of discomfort, physical or psychological is pretty important to me.

The most annoying person.
Again wife and children, I wish they’d listen to me and do what I asked at times

A person I apologised to.
My wife and children

A person I got to know.
A few of the mother’s at the school gate, I’d like to get to know more people, and develop friendships that I’m comfortable with.

A person I lost.
My Grandmother, the only member of my family that I probably loved

A person I neglected.
Again my Grandmother, she went into a nursing home and we made a pact that we would not talk to one another, so that I would remember her lucid and compos mentis, I fear what her last couple of years on earth were like, it’s the one thing that can make me tearful.

A person who neglected me.
This would be my wife, her alcoholism and self centredness that comes from alcoholism, hurts me deeply, plus she needs to up her libido more, like want to fuck me as much as she wants to drink

A bad argument.
There have been several over the last twelve months, generally born out of frustration regarding her drinking, I wish I didn’t get so angry.

Which of my friends did I see the most.

Who inspired me.
As a concept of a person who’s attributes I find most admiring, Mark Russinovich

Who did I inspire.
no one

Something that changed me.
Being at home, the fear of our future and my wife’s attitude that this is “normal”, lets aspire to something different.

The best gift.
I haven’t really received any gifts, maybe the hook my wife gave me yesterday, Warren Buffets autobiography

An expensive purchase
Can’t think of anything really expensive

The best holiday.
none this last year

A sense of achievement.
keeping the family from crashing and burning totally and our children out of the hands of social services

The biggest disappointment.
my wife’s drinking

Did i earn more or less than the previous twelve months.
Less much less

A plan I carried out.
None really, haven’t seen anything through to the end

How often was I ill.
not much

The question of the year.
Will this ever change for the better?

Something I learnt.
Can’t think of anything really, I read a lot and try things out, my personal philosophy is to be constantly striving to be more informed.

Something I forgot.
Oh, lots of stuff

A political event that moved you.
The Israel Hamas war of this summer

The party of the year.
In a months time my daughters sixth birthday

The quote of the year.
Fuck off – my most used quote (I shouldn’t swear so much as I have a good vocabulary)

The word of the year.
Fuck see above

The wine of the year.
None most shop bought wine is of piss poor quality and I don’t know enough about vintnering to be able to choose effectively.

Something that surprised me.
My wife’s orgasms during sex

The most difficult decision I had to make.
Quitting work and staying at home, it still troubles ke now

Something I regret doing.
Employing the au-pair (she flooded the house and hurt the children) that started our current set of troubles and going to a party with my wife where we both got drunk and the stress that our incompetent dangerous au-pair caused – we ended up having an enormous fight

Something I regret not doing.
Sacking that au-pair earlier, not employing her, it was a rushed decision as my wife had got a job and we desperately needed childcare

Was this your best year so far.