Reblog: Where can I get a Wife? Seriously. (Redux)

Bar the pets and a car, it’s pretty similar to my day as a stay at home parent. I really bloody hate getting the sprogs up for school, my eldest makes this noise like dry chalk down a blackboard, it cuts right through me and tweaks me totally the wrong way, then they won’t get dressed, eat breakfast, demand a taxi to school, squabble and generally piss me off. Then I’ll discover I’ve forgotten something, then teachers and other parents say something dozy about a dad being the stay at home parent.

Then do it all again at the other end of the day.

Musings from a Tangled Mind

After a day like I had yesterday, I thought I would re-run an article that I originally posted February 19, 2014.  Trust me, it’s just as relevant today as it was then.


Like everyone else out there, my life is filled with plenty of stress. I never seem to have the time to work through everything on my plate. With a family and work and my own life all vying for attention I routinely find it difficult not just in getting ahead but staying in place. Sound familiar? Well, lucky me, I’ve finally figured out the key to how I can finally juggle all these challenges. I offer this suggestion up to you as well – take heed as it may be the perfect solution to all of your woes as well.

I need a wife. I really, really need a wife.

Imagine how great it would be…

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