Trying to get a little organised

22 OCTOBER 2014, 12:11 pm
Trying to manage you own life at times is pretty hard, trying to manage and organise three other people and it starts to become tough.

My wife needs a PA, administrator and Accountant, my children need a dresser, a butler and a nanny, so here I am trying to get by and trying to keep on top of stuff.

My main issue is trying to keep our heads above water when it comes to money, I’m no longer an earner, my wife is the sole breadwinner. So I spend a lot of time trying to balance our budget. Our kain downfall as individuals, a couple and a family is that we are totally useless at being frugal.

Managing the money flow in a financially useless family as ours is, to put it mildly bloody difficult. We’re not the kind of people to keep detailed records, statements, receipts, invoices and the such like. I’m sort of fortunate as I’ve got a diploma in Business and Finance and have taken an accountancy, financial planning and financial analysis modules, as well as early in my working life worked in a Government Taxation department so know a fair bit about the mechanisms of bank reconciliation and bookkeeping. Having said that, it’s still bloody tough keeping a track of where everything goes and what needs to be spent. For example today I’ve spent 1.50 on snacks for the children, 19.00 on after school activities for tomorrow, 13.00 in a grocers on general food stuffs and 10.00 on myself for a new hoodie.

After that I got thinking, I need to keep a ledger/journal/diary of income and expenditure. Frankly, I could write the application for myself or co-opt an existing app. So I did the latter, my aim is to take daily snapshots of our finances.

The word snapshot resonated, so as I use android extensively, why not use the screenshot feature to take actual snapshots of our online bank applications and store them in a diary. So far so good. So I download a diary app, sync it across all my android devices and start. I open op the app for our joint account and bingo, date, time, image done. I open up the app for my personal account and the developers of it in a futile vainglorious attempt at security have prevented access to internal storage so I can’t take that snapshot. Bum.

So as I’ve mentioned I use multiple phone I open the diary on one and take a photo of the other, quite long winded but a work around never the less. Now lets see if all this effort can be used and does some good.

I can only hope.