Mimi Holiday Lingerie for my wife, my review and her commentary


The book is there just to show of the see throughtiness of the lace, I spotted these in TK Maxx (it’s TJ Maxx in the US) on St Mary’s Ax just up from Ledenhall Market in the heart of the city. This particular TK Maxx is pretty darn good as it gets loads of the swanky flash stuff before the other shops, so you can get a pretty good deal.

My thoughts totally from a mans perspective. The material is very see through, so I get to see lots of skin. They are quite high waisted (up to the belly button) so they sit over my wife’s tummy very nicely. The thong part shows off the curve of her bum very nicely indeed, diving between her bum cheeks and showing off the lovely curvey shapeliness of her sexy bum. Now the best bit, the front. I can see everything through them, she might as well be naked as the lace mesh shows the top of her lips completely, glorious and gorgeous in one go.

They have satin silk waistband and a keyhole detail at the back.

My wife’s take on seeing them, that they’re not practical for a day use as the is barely any gusset, I suggested that they are really only to be worn for thirty minutes or so and not from 7am to 11pm for a full day. They are designed to be put on, sashay into the bedroom and be taken off.

Saturday night is date night, we’ve got a baby sitter coming round, so we can see how it goes.