Has the love been lost from sex now, has it been squeezed out of physical relationships.

I love my wife, I enjoy her company, I like being with her, I have the feelings of affection and empathy to support her as I’ve had from the beginning.

Yet I find myself questioning the act of sex in relation to my deeper feelings for her.

Sex last night was quite turbulent, I was in the mood for slow, wiggly shagging, the kind where I get to feel every part of her insides with my cock. The slow kind, sort of like an extended hug and snog but with my penis inside her vagina. I wasn’t in the mood for the vigorous kind of back and forth pumping that eventually brings her to orgasm. I wanted the slow squelchy wet wiggly sort.

She didn’t, she started complaining, “what’s the point of this, you’re not going to cum” was one of her many complains as we were doing it. Well, that did get my hackles up, so I switched to a plain old hard fucking, quite brutal and rough, let me clarify what I mean by rough. It’s not the throat choking asphyxia stuff, more the uncaring fast and hard, lifting her knees up to her shoulder, so I can get a better purchase and position so I can go really deep, really hard, the type of sex where she ends up with a bruised cervix and belly bits interface (don’t know the anatomical name).

There was the element of physical satisfaction, I flooded her, she reacted as though she was satisfied, yet I feel as though we came away from it with nothing other than the baser form of sex. I don’t feel happy about it, I feel as though something is/was missing. I’m annoyed at myself as I wanted sex but not like that.

So I’m asking myself, was an element of “love” lost from sex. If so what should I do?


One thought on “Has the love been lost from sex now, has it been squeezed out of physical relationships.

  1. Communicate, talk to her… The only way she will know what you want is if you tell her and I’m sure she will try and cater to that..No woman wants her man to not feel satisfied…..

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