Lookbook – The Ada | Dear Kate

The Ada Collection.

At last a combination of my two favourite things

(maybe three but I’m not mentioning that one).

Lingerie and computing.

I enjoyed the lookbook. Kanban boards and IDE’s. If it wouldn’t come across as misogynistic or sexist it would be my ideal work environment. Don’t think I’m thinking of eyecandy here, I find the company of brogramming cockstars to be tedious. My code if cooler than your code…. borrrrring. How can you be bleeding edge your so old… yawn.

Little do most people know that it takes around ten to fifteen years for a technology to go from the R&D in universities to a consumer cost friendly device in the hand (like my Nexus 7, I’m writing this on). Take comonplace VOIP, I work for the company who developed the concept back in the 1980’s. Sadly, bandwidth and compression weren’t good enough to take it out of the MAN and into the wider WAN/Internet. Over 15 years later a small company called skype brought it back and made it common place.

I would also like to state that I support the work that Anita Sarkeesian is doing showing up the trite juvenile world of the bro-gamer and the attitudes thrown over Zoe Quinn makes me sick. My DW is a scrum master, she’s also done burlesque and suicide girls. Any bloke who tried to diss my wife (and a few code monkey twats have) have to answer to me. Sure she can defend herself but a good code cock takedown by me always serves to put the fucks in their place.

Women in Technology’s have an unnecessarily hard time and for what reason? Juvenile shallow jealous behaviour.