Digital EDC upgrade – personal media devices


My current personal media devices are:

 Nexus 4  Nexus 7 2012  Moto G 2013 Kindle Keyboard

Per say there is nothing wrong with this set up and they are pretty good bits of kit, but the new ones are out and its time of an up and side grade. The Moto G will be retired to my eldest daughter and the Nexus 4 will be the TV Chromecast controller.

My replacement choices aren’t much different from the above except for the Nexus 7, I’m considering not going to the Nexus 9. My main reason is that all of the above do not have micro SD cards, but the new Moto G 2014 and the Nvidia Sheild both support 128gb SD cards. That means I can drop shit loads of media on to them and not have to rely on wifi or 3g/4g to listen to or read stuff.

4g isn’t too bad in London, but it still doesn’t give the full experience of 801 ac (or even gigabit wired) and when your sitting on the tube with a couple of gripey sprogs who can grasp that you can’t get a signal (yet) underground, then the storage option is the key.

 Nexus 6  nVidia Shield  Moto G 2013  Kindle Voyage
 SanDisk 128GB Ultra Android Micro SD (SDXC) Class 10 UHS-1 30MB/s SanDisk 128GB Ultra Android Micro SD (SDXC) Class 10 UHS-1 30MB/s


Other bits and bobs

Although there isn’t much of a need to carry the stuff below their nice to haves, an OTG for connecting the host controller to keyboards, webcams and other usb devices



A TB of storage, just in case I have to sneakernet films.


Corsair Voyager Air 1TB USB 3.0 Portable Wireless Hard Drive


AN of course a portable hotspot as I don’t trust snoopers in cafe’s and pubs when I hook up to wifi

Kite from EE


Finally something to carry it all in.


This is the only apple related product.