Making lingerie for DW

DW has a lot of lingerie that she hasn’t worn for some time, and barely worn at that as it was our pre-children having sexy fun lingerie.

This week i’m going to re-purpose some of it as there is a lot of silk and a lot of lace. I read this post on Lingerie Addict: Lace Appliqué Lingerie: What It Is and My Favorite Lustworthy Pieces, and it got me to thinking.

A few stitches here and these can be remade.

The issue I really have is that, how do I encourage DW to wear them on a regular basis. It’s a shame that she doesn’t wear super sexy lingerie to work, it’s understandable but still. I guess the real problem is comfort, day-to-day use and the overall issue that is I may think she’s having an affair, because she’s  wearing something super sexy.

She still needs to talk to me about it, not me raising the subject but her doing it of her own volition. During that period there was a lot of messing about and I still am unsure of what really was going on. The problem stems from the fact she had liars and narcissists as parents and sadly her primary and secondary socialisation sources are messed up. Unfortunately all this ends up in, as she’s seen with her parents is tit for tat behaviour.

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Sonata Lingerie Sonatine G-String GlamourousAmourous