The elephant in the room: my partners alcohol consumption and my attitude towards it.

We have a drink problem: it’s no where near as bad as it has been yet there is the big grey elephant in the room about it. My wife drinks, I know she drinks, she knows that I know, etc. etc. etc. It’s like a mobius beigel it loops around and never ends.  Where the problem of the elephant is, is that we can’t have an open honest dialogue about it, she gets sulky guilty, I sound angry ranty and we just orbit.

As I say we can’t really discuss it, we have conversations about other people we know who have drink problems or anger issues in a straight forward open honest way, but our own interpersonal problem is harder.

I wish we could eat this elephant or kick it out of the room, but then perhaps its more like the blind wise men describing an elephant. Maybe we’re describing the problem the wrong way.