Oh my god, my child is going to catch chemotherapy (not me but said about my daughter)

One of the mothers in my youngest daughters class posted briefly on Facebook yesterday that it’s wrong that there is a child in her little precious’s  class where one of his classmates siblings is undergoing chemotherapy and it’s wrong to have the elder child in the school because he (her little boy) might catch chemotherapy.

Amazingly stupid, my eldest daughter is receiving chemotherapy to treat her condition, it’s not cancer but requires oncology drugs aka chekotherapy.

Now having lived through my wife undergoing chemo for breast cancer, I know a fair bit about it (my grandad was an oncologist too). The main part of this is the grotesque attitude and stupidity exhibited by this parent as well as the callousness.

I don’t use Facebook but I was told that the post was taken down smartish because of the complains.

I’d love to name and shame this particular idiot, but all it will do is start a playground parent fight.