Burlesque, DW stage 3c BC and general sexiness

Several years ago DW was very into the burlesque scene, she had bought some very delicious lingerie and corsets. She did classes in how to perform and made a few friends. Then she developed breast cancer and lost one of them.

It killed her burlesque passion stone dead. I personally would encourage her to perform, but the scaring is too much for her. Any woman who has under gone a mastectomy will understand, especially as she was only 34.

For me she is as sexy now was she was then, for her its a different take. But for now selfishly, I’m going to talk about my feelings. There is one thing and one thing only that breast cancer has done to my emotions for her, I don’t get to see her naked enough. Her body now is as beautiful as it was before and she hasn’t undergone reconstruction. Shallow as it may appear, I see through and beyond the changes breast cancer wrought.

I miss seeing her dress up and then practise undressing, I miss seeing her in the Pink Rhinestone Vollers corset and other items (I think she has about four or five over and under bust corsets).

I can empathise, I do understand her feelings, bet that doesn’t stop me from fancying her a lot.

So that people are aware I was there every step of the way by her side throughout surgery, chemo and all the other parts, the drains and catheters.