Junior PC lab… more on women in computing (girls in this case)


These are my two using PC’s the one on the right is a win 7 32gb ram i7, here it’s being used exclusively for minecraft, the otger is a core2 duo 4gb ram running crunchbang #! linux, being used for a bit of polyvoring.

I’m going to endeavour to teach my eldest how to write code, don’t quite know where to start. Maybe a bit of animation, my first ever app was animating multicoloured lines in a basket weave effect, maybe I start there a bit of graphics and animation.

They’ve both had a stab at building a pc (it’s actually a piece of piss to do), so they can bo hardware. Also if they are surfing and youtube becomes laggy they both know how to fire up a terminal and ping the bbc to see what the connection is like. So they’ve got a hit of networking under their belts.

There are too many arseholes(aka manbabies) now-a-days in STEM and computing making it (I think) harder for women to participate, well I’m gonna teach my two to kick any fucker in the nuts if they try to stop them.